Project Management

With over 100 projects under its belt, Pacifix Consulting is a leader in project management. Before you can even decide a method, framework or develop a plan, you need to consider what type of project you embarking on. Is your project an internal organization project such as an reorganization or an upcoming event? Or are projects how you drive revenue? Is this project stand-alone, ten or so tasks or a complex, multiyear endeavor with numerous stakeholders? Is it part of a bigger program or portfolio? Understanding concepts from requirements gathering to project close are vital. Please visit our portfolio page for an overview of successfully completed projects. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation. 


75x75 Change Management

Also called Traditional Project Management or referred to as PMBOK, this framework is prescribed by the Project Management Institute. The classic model of project management is framed by a series of Processes from Project Initiation to Close as well as being knowledgeable in key areas beyond project plan software schedules and budgets. Seasoned Project Managers utilize a host of tools and techniques in their leadership.


75x75 Change Management

Agile is a family of Project Management ways of getting things done. Born in the IT world, it has quickly found its way into many other fields. Agile is ideal for initiatives where some, but maybe not all, of the requirements and funding of a longer wishlist are approved. Scrum is a popular and very successful framework under the Agile umbrella. Unlike the other frameworks, Scrum relies on a scrum master who takes on a servant leader role.


Change Management

Change Management is a way to drive organizational change often as the result of projects, client needs, new business areas, policies or other circumstances utilizing a series of disciplines.  While it has many similarities to Project Management, it is often the impetus for projects. Likewise, projects may be the catalyst for change management when it comes time to go from a project environment to an operational one.